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Creepy #Conan bust complete with removable skull. (at Warner Bros Stage 15)
One of my tapes. I got this from my boy Yokes in High School back in 2000…  Ghostface Killah’s Supreme Clientele on the B side.
In my personal collection. I miss VHS tapes. They were clunky as hell but they had the same aura as books in a library.
Different mask. Same function.
This is my boy. I love him like he were my son. His name is Wesker, he also answers to Weskerlonious Meow and My boy! As well…
When i saw Fiona Apple live. She was incredible. I was the only dude there who looked my style (namely hip hopped the fuck out) I love her music so much it kills me. And she’s gonna be around a lot the next couple weeks…
HR Giger.

Absolute Hood

Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel

Are you even trying?


i love this it’s awesome as fuck

Dope shite

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